Boiled beef and carrots....

Konnichiwa, and welcome to this Blog for Shabu shabu or boiled beef!

Only joking - It's delicious also a lot of fun and a very social meal to have with friends.

Shabu Shabu is basically raw strips of beef that are placed into boiling water with fresh vegetables and an egg plus sauces or at least thats the traditional recipe - today Shabu Shabu can be made with any meat or fish.

Proof of the pudding.

Sometimes the water is pre seasoned with seaweed or stock. Basically you beat the raw egg in the bowl, then you drag the cooked beef throught the boiling water which is supposed to make a "swishing" or "shabu" sound. You then dip the beef in the egg and dip in sauce (your choice). What you do with the vegetables is again entirely your own choice - you can add it to the boiling water along with the beef to make a broth, or add once the meat is cooked or just simply eat them as is.

Part of the appeal of this dish is the communal hubbub created whilst you semi prepare your own dish. Enjoy.

Click the pic for 108 japanese recipes

For more Japanese recipes than you can throw a chopstick at visit Japanese Kitchen recipes today or visit

click the pic for 108 japanese recipes


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